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Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa in particular is somewhere that is surely on every wildlife photographer's bucket list. I'm convinced that when you've been to Africa once, it gets under your skin and you're drawn back to it. To date, I've been to South Africa and to Keyna and the iconic Masai Mara twice, with the most recent trip in June this year. And it won't be my last. This gallery showcases my photographs of the landscapes and other animals that make up the diverse ecosystem.

For images of the more feline sights of Africa, please check out my gallery - Africa - Big Cats
Grey-headed KingfisherHeads and TailZebras and the StormThe Oncoming StormImpalas at SunriseGiraffe with Oxpecker birdCrested Cranes at SunriseAfrican ElephantBig Ele, Big SkyJuvenile Martial EagleVulture silhouettesBaboons with youngStripesBacklit Vervet MonkeyHippopotamus amphibiusWildfowlMonkey MagicSouthern Yellow-billed HornbillLilac-breasted RollerQueuing