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A collection of images taken on the Farne Islands, a small group of islands off the Northumberland Coast, owned and managed by the National Trust. In spring and early summer, the Farnes become one of the most important and spectacular seabird colonies in Britain. Thousands of breeding pairs of Altantic puffins make it their home, rearing chicks in underground burrows. Along with Guillemots, Razorbills, Arctic Terns and Kittiwakes, it is a must-visit location for any bird watcher or nature lover, and somewhere I've been fortunate to visit on a number of occasions.
Atlantic PuffinAtlantic PuffinPuffin in the greenEider duck in flightPuffin Flight - ReduxPuffin FlightScrambleCallingMustachioedEels for teaHungry mouths to feedPuffin PortraitPuffin with sand eelsBeady EyePuffin PortraitPuffin PortraitPuffin stretching wingsPuffin stretching wingsPuffin with sand eelsRazorbills